Downsview, ON

For all of your new windows and window installation needs in Downsview, ON, New Windows Toronto is the company to call. We offer a variety of windows and doors so that all of those who come to us are able to get exactly what they need.

Awning windows are one such example of an option that you have when you come to us for new windows. Awning windows open outward from the bottom, making them a great way to get air into your home during light rain, when other windows would likely allow precipitation to come in. They also make the most of the view at any time of the year because they are solid and do not have any obstructions.

Double slide windows offer an efficient way to great circulation and are often chosen by those who want new windows that can help them save on air conditioning during the summer. These windows slide easily in either direction and are perfect for sitting areas in which some people may prefer to have breezes coming in directly on them while others prefer to adjust which side is open to ensure that the air coming in does not blow directly on them.

Shaped windows are a popular option for those who need new windows for some of the higher end homes that we work on. These windows are custom made to the precise requirement of non-standard openings and help to get homes looking their absolute best.

All of the new windows that we make are made right here in Canada, which enables us to exercise exceptional control over the manufacturing process and ensure the quality of every window that we sell. This also means that you are helping the Canadian economy with every purchase.

In addition to the windows themselves, we offer window installation services that ensure that any window fits properly and ensures maximum insulation. We offer this service both with our windows and with any other windows that you may purchase.

Whether you need new windows and window installation services for your home in Downsview, ON or you just need one of the two, call us today to find out more about how we can meet your needs.



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