Kleinburg, ON

When it is time to get new windows for your home in Kleinburg, ON, or if you need window installation services, New Windows Toronto is the company to call. We offer a vast selection of windows to ensure that we have something that meets all of our customers’ needs. We also offer custom made windows for those who need something different from our standard offerings.

One of the primarily reasons that our customers love coming to us for new windows is that they know that they are getting their windows from a company that does not compromise on quality. Some other companies may outsource their manufacturing in an effort to save money on labor and other costs. When they do so, though, they necessarily compromise their ability to enforce strict quality controls, which we are able to do because we make every window and door that we sell right here in Canada.

The types of quality that we ensure are durability, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. The windows that we sell are built to last for decades without needing replacement. Even if this means that our prices, which are extremely competitive, may sometimes be a bit higher than some of our competitors’ prices, the savings in window replacement costs over the long-term makes us a much better value proposition.

In terms of aesthetics, we offer a beautiful array of windows that cater to all tastes. From awning and bay windows to double-slider and hung windows and more, we make it easy for our customers to get exactly what they want for every room in their homes.

Eco-friendliness is also extremely important to us. Some of our customers care deeply about the environment, so they are happy that our windows offer them the chance to use less energy heating and cooling their homes by providing exceptional insulation. All of our customers are happy to save money on their heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer.

Take the first step toward a more beautiful, more energy-efficient home Kleinburg, ON by contacting us to find out more about how you can get new windows and/or make use of our window installation services.



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