Newmarket, ON

If you own a home in Newmarket, ON and you are in the market for new windows and/or window replacement services, New Windows Toronto is the company to call. We offer many different types and styles of windows so that homeowners can get exactly what they want.

Our selection of new windows is one of the things that attracts many of our customers to us. We want to make sure that everyone who turns to us is able to get all of the windows – and perhaps even the doors – that they need in one place. For that reason, we offer a variety of window types, such as bay windows, awning windows, hung windows, and more, and some unique styles within each type. We even offer our customers the chance to get custom windows made should our regular selection not meet their needs, which is typically only the case for homes with uniquely shaped window frames.

Of course, no matter how nice windows look, aesthetics matter little if the quality is poor. We make our windows to last for decades and to provide as much insulation as possible throughout their lifespans. One of the biggest things that enables us to do that is the fact that we do all of our manufacturing in Canada. This enables us a level of oversight over the manufacturing process and quality controls that are not possible for companies that outsource their manufacturing. Accordingly, while our prices are always competitive, they may not be the absolute lowest. Even so, our customers enjoy the financial benefits of getting their new windows and window insulation services every month by saving money on their energy costs.

Many Canadians also choose us because they know that they are helping both the environment and the Canadian economy by doing so. Because we manufacture our products here in Canada, every purchase helps us to employ Canadians with good jobs. Also, the insulation that our windows provides means that homeowners use less energy to keep their homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you would like to know more about how you can get new windows and/or take advantage of our window installation services in your home in Newmarket, ON, call us now.



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