Orangeville, ON

VR Windows & Doors is the best window replacement option in the Orangeville, ON area.  We provide our customers with beautiful new windows that stand the test of time and save them money month in and month out.

Our selection of windows is second to none, which is why so many of our customers get all of their new windows from us.  You will be able to choose from a wide variety of bay windows, awning windows, double slide windows, and many more.  This give you the chance to choose your favorite style for your entire home or mix and match for your ideal combination.  Should you have particular needs that our regular selection does not meet, simply let us know what it is that you want and we will be happy to offer you a quote on the custom project.

Regardless of which of our windows you choose, you can be confident that they are eco-friendly.  They provide a strong barrier between outside and inside temperatures, which means that you can use less heat in the winter time and less air conditioning during the summer.  This is the reason that nearly all of our customers find that the reduced costs of their heating and air conditioning more than pay for the window within just a few short years, and sometimes much faster.

Our windows are also built for durability.  Those who purchase new windows from us almost never replace them for as long as they remain in their homes.  Those who do typically do so on account of a change in their stylistic preferences.  How often can you make an investment in your home that pays for itself and remains there in excellent condition for even longer than you do?

One other thing to keep in mind is that we make all of our windows here in Canada.  Not only does this give us maximum control of and oversight over the manufacturing process, but it also means that you are providing jobs to your fellow countrymen when you buy from us.

Call us today to learn more about the window replacement options that we have available for residents of Orangeville, ON.


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