Uxbridge, ON

Those living in Uxbridge, ON can get beautiful new windows from VR Windows & Doors.  We make the process easy and affordable, meeting the window replacement needs of all homeowners.

Our vast selection of windows is just one of the many reasons that people turn to us.  In one place, you will be able to see hung windows, double slide windows, bay windows, awning windows, and more.  You can pick your favorite style or two for your entire home or get a different type for each room in your home.  You can even request a custom quote if our regular offerings aren’t quite what you are looking for.  The possibilities are endless.

Regardless of which window or windows you choose, you can count on your new windows for two very important things.  One is that they will last for decades, typically remaining in a home longer than the homeowners who purchase them.  We are confident in saying this because we have tremendous oversight of and control over our manufacturing process, which is a benefit of making all of our windows right here in Canada.

The second benefit is that our windows provide outstanding insulation, which is extremely important during the long, cold winter months.  Both in the winter and in the summer, the costs of controlling the temperature in your home can be substantial.  Our windows provide the insulation you need to minimize those costs.  In fact, so great is the insulation that they provide that they typically take no more than a few years, and often less, to pay for themselves in savings on energy bills.

If you are not sure that you are ready for window replacement, or if you are committed to it and ready to start the process, give us a call today to set up your free consultation with one of our experts.  This is your opportunity to tell us about your budget and your tastes, get your questions answered, and, if you would like, get some recommendations from our staff.

We would be happy to provide you with the new windows you need for your home in Uxbridge, ON.


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