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We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers enjoy positive experiences when dealing with us, whether they are getting window replacement or new windows for a new construction. All of our employees, from our sales team to those who handle installations, are exceptionally well trained and ready to provide our customers with outstanding customer service. Further, we are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our products, which are all made in Canada.

Our commitment to our customers starts with a free consultation. We want to make sure that everyone who comes to us makes the best decision not only for their tastes but also for their property and budget. This consultation gives us the opportunity to speak with our customers and help them to reach that informed decision.

Door and Window Installation

We are happy to handle every aspect of the installation of your new windows and/or doors in a way that not only gets your new additions looking their best but also causes minimal interruption to your lifestyle or business. We will remove your old windows, set your new ones in place, and handle whatever cleanup there may be. We also stick to our appointments so that you don’t spend a day waiting around for us like you might do with other contractors.

24-7 Emergency Repairs

There is never a convenient time for a window or door to break, but sometimes can seem especially inconvenient. Inclement weather, intruders, accidents, and other unforeseen events can damage windows and doors in the middle of the night and on weekends just as easily as during the day. For that reason, we offer emergency services around the clock every day of the week. Whether you just need repairs or you need window or door replacement, we will be there for you when you need us. There’s no need to go a day or night without having your home or business properly secured against intruders or protected from the weather.

Free Consultation

Although we have served thousands of customers during our decade-plus in business, no two have ever been identical. Customers come to us with all sorts of budgets, tastes, and needs, and we are happy to work with all of them to ensure that they make the best decision for them.

To that end, we offer free consultations to anyone who turns to us for new windows or doors. This gives our customers the chance to ask questions, let us know about their tastes, and address any other relevant issues, as well as to get suggestions on which of our myriad offerings would be most appropriate for them. It is also a great chance to discuss payment options, as we know that many of our customers prefer not to pay the full price at once.

Self-Installation Options

While we offer installation services for those who need them, we understand that many homeowners and business owners prefer to handle the installation on their own. Some do this to save money, while others simply enjoy the feeling of working on their own properties. Whatever the case may be, we are more than happy to provide do-it-yourselfers with the same wide selection of new windows and doors that we make available to everyone else.

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